Terms and Conditions - Capture the Pizza Magic

Terms for the promotional activity - Capture The Pizza Magic, 2018

This sets out the terms and conditions ("Terms") that applies to your participation in the competition " Capture The Pizza Magic, 2018 ".

The company PHC Franchised Restaurants Limited, Pindou 12 Engomi, Nicosia, the representative of Pizza Hut brand in Cyprus (hereinafter abbreviated as "Organizer") is organizing a promotional activity with the following conditions:

1. The promotion is open to residents of Cyprus aged 13 or over, have a valid email address, unconditionally accept the terms of this promotion and will follow the procedure, described in detail below. In the promotion are not eligible people working in the company of "Organizer" or affiliated companies, as well as spouses and relatives, A and B grade.

2. The duration of this promotion begins Thursday, 22nd of February, 2018 and ends on Monday 31st of December, 2018 at 24:00.

3. Each party may take part in this promotion with one entry. More specifically, each person is invited to capture the pizza magic on his/her table, share on his/her Instagram account, add the hashtag #pizzahutcymagic and get the chance to be the monthly winner of €30 voucher for Dine In by getting the most likes. Winner is the participant of the promotion who manages to get the most likes between the first and last day of each month.

4. In case of same number of likes, then a draw will be held on the 1st day of the next month on behalf of the “Organizer” in the presence of all the participants who managed to get the most likes.

5. The winners will be announced with a post of their name and photo on Pizza Hut Cyprus official account on Instagram and they need to contact the "Organizer" within 2 days via a private message on the “Organizer’s” Instagram account (Pizza Hut Cyprus) to claim their voucher.

6. In the event that these participants did not communicate with the "Organizer" in clause 5, accepting the gift offered to them and providing them the necessary contact information, and then automatically will permanently lose the gift, and the first runner-up will be invited to accept it and receive it, with the above procedure. If the first consecutive runner-up does not communicate with the "Organizer" in clause 5 and within two days, accepting the offered gift, then automatically will permanently lose the gift and the second runner-up will be invited to accept and receive it, again with the aforementioned procedure, and so on.

7. The gift will be allocated from the " Organizer " as part of this promotion are defined as above and they cannot be exchanged with another gift or redeemed for cash. Also, the gift is not transferable.

8. The "Organizer" reserves the right to change these terms, shorten or extend the duration of this promotion or to revoke a previous announcement by all appropriate means to that end, and also to replace the gift with another one of equal value at his discretion and in general to modify any term of the promotion by communicating with the participants via his social networking page of Pizza Hut Cyprus.

9. It is clearly stated that after the deadline to participate in this promotion, in accordance with the above, or after any shortening of the deadline or withdrawal from the "Organizer", anyone continue to take entries will be deemed void.

10. Participation in this promotion constitutes acceptance and consent of the participant for keeping and processing of data in the context of conduct of this promotion. Participants expressly and unconditionally agree and accept the publication of their name on the implementation of clause 5 above, and the publication of their name by any means for commercial purposes as part of this promotion.

11. The participants recognize and unreservedly accept that the function of the page of "Organizer" may be affected or temporarily interrupted due to network problems. In general, participation in the promotion can be affected by interruptions entirely dependent of the online social networking platform and existing technology on which it is based and which are beyond the control and responsibility of the 'Promoter "which does not have any responsibility for the above reasons. Participants are strictly prohibited in any way to modify or attempt to modify the terms of the promotion, aimed mainly to influence by automated or unfair means the electronic lottery result. If it turns out that a participant has emerged as a winner violating these terms, by fraudulent means, will not be awarded the prize or will cease any right of possession, and the "Organizer" in this case reserves all right against this participant.

12. The "Organizer" does not bear any responsibility whatsoever if, for reasons outside of his sphere of influence and control, the reception of entries failed or delayed or, finally, if kept these records destroyed partly or wholly.

13. Participation in this promotion, means unconditional acceptance of these conditions of participation, in their entirety.

14. These terms will be posted throughout the duration of the promotion by the "Organizer" in its website: - https://www.pizzahut.com.cy/index.php?id=88

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