Sneak Peek – Pizza Hut 3rd Pizza Lovers Competition

For the 3rd year in a row we celebrate as a team and recognize our best of the best stars who do it for the love of Pizza Hut. Pizza Lovers is an event which is all about bringing your best self and having fun while focusing on product quality, customer mania and speed, key ingredients to every successful Pizza Hut guest experience. Team members are competing for the top spots, and their journey starts with instore competitions, district competitions all the way to the finals. This years twist, includes not only pizza making competition but we will also crown the best customer maniac waiter and the best delivery driver.

Pizza Makers will compete in speed during preparing their pizza, and then on taste and product quality and of course accuracy.

Delivery drivers will compete on their speed on assembling pizza boxes, accuracy on assembling of a specific order, and of course how fast they are on finding the correct address on the map.

Waiters will compete on order taking and menu knowledge and of course following all brand standards on serving a Pizza Hut guest.